Q: Are you Fully Insured.

Yes we are. We hold a current COC and upon request can make this available for viewing.

Q. Do you have a current ABN.

Yes. As a regisistered Business we do hold a current and valid ABN. Our ABN is 57 362 633 576

Q: Do you supply Receipts with your Work.

All work carried out by Fresh Glide comes with receipts and when required Pest Advise Notifications.

Q: Do you Guarantee your work.

Yes. All work carried out by Fresh Glide Carpet Care comes with a satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason yourself or a Property Manager is not happy with any aspect of the work completed please call us to discuss the matter further with us.

Q: Are you a Licensed Pest Technician.

Yes. In Queensland we currently hold a valid Pest Management License. Our License number is PMT1003698313.

Q: What is Steam Cleaning.

Steam cleaning is often also called Hot Water Extraction.  In short; hot water extraction is a cleaning method that uses specialised equipment that sprays heated water onto the carpets or upholstery. Simultaneously with the use of what is known as a “Wand” this water is extracted along with the dislodged stains and soils.

Q: How often should I Clean my Carpets & Upholstery.

In most Homes and Offices your Carpets and Upholstery should be vacuumed at least once a week. To extend the life of your carpets most manufactures recommend Professional Steam Cleaning at least once a year to maximize results and life. Of course this can vary from place to place depending on traffic.  Higher traffic areas like Doctors or Shops will require treatments more often, where a dwelling with 1 to 2 occupants that hardly have any traffic, their carpets may require less frequent cleaning.

Q: What benefits are there to Steam Cleaning.

Besides the benefit of the fresh appearance, by choosing Fresh Glide to Steam Clean your carpets or upholstery you are sometimes extending the life by double – sometimes even triple. Besides this; there are also key health factors in Steam Cleaning; by removing allergens such as dust mites and bacteria to odours, hair, mould and mildew.

Q: What is Tile & Grout/Hard Floor Cleaning.

Tile & Grout cleaning is a little known service that not everyone offers. Just like your Carpets and Upholstery, your tiles & grout often get neglected and build up daily with grease, grime and dirt. Regular mopping; while making your tiles look clean; often can be making them dirtier with each stroke. Mopping when the water has visably changed colour means that all the dirt and grime is being mopped back into the tiles & grout lines. Tile & Grout cleaning is a process of applying specialised detergents and scrubbing techniques, then with the use of our High Powered Truck Mounted Machine rinsing and extracting to leave your tiles looking new again.

Q: How often should l have my Tiles & Grout/Hard Floors Cleaned.

Once again just like your carpets and upholstery regular cleaning can help extend the life of your Tiles & Grout just as the frequency of cleaning can vary. As a general rule it is suggested that you have your Tiles & Grout cleaned once every 18 months to 2 years.

Q: Will Tile & Grout Damage my Tiles.

In short No, Cleaning can dislodge/remove damaged sections of your grout but cleaning is not the cause of this. Tile & Grout cleaning is safe on most types of tiles. Some natural stone tiles like Slate or Terracotta require different cleaning techniques to the more common ceramic tiles.

Q: How long does it take for my Carpet/Upholstery/Tiles/Hard Floors to dry.

There are many factors that you have to take into consideration with drying times and just some of them are, Weather conditions, Wind/Breeze, Air Flow, Temperature. Most Carpets & Upholstery can be dry in as little as 2 hours and up to a maximum of 8 hours, Tile & Grout/Hard Floor cleaning is normally dry and ready to walk on immediately after completion, However with the additional final mopping that we do, your floors may take a short time to dry.

Q: Is there a difference in Pest Treatments from you to Pest Control only Companies.

No. In Queensland any persons conducting any form of Pest Management Service is required to hold a current and valid license. Pest Management Services can vary from company to company due to the amount of different brands of Pesticides on the market. At Mess Be Gone we only use well known products proven to work, So you can rest assured that when we carry out any Pest Service you are getting the same treatments and results as Pest Only companies.

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